VoIP: The Basics

Free call using the internet? Is it possible? Yes, it is very feasible through the use of VoIP services. VoIP services or Voice over Internet Protocol provides us means of communication through the use of internet connection.

 How does it work?

When calling, VoIP services converts analog audio signals—signals coming from your customary phones, to digital signals that can travel through the internet. With just the use of an internet connection you are ready to place a call anytime.

How can I use VoIP services?

Like what I said earlier, an Internet connection is necessary for you to be able to use your VoIP.

Commonly, you could place a call on VoIP services using 3 kinds of equipment such as ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor , Special VoIP Phones, and of course by means of your computers.

ATA is an adaptor that connects your standard phone to a computer or broadband connection that will allow you to make VoIP calls. You’ll still be using your regular phone so this makes calling hassle-free.

Special VoIP or IP Phones are specialized phones that look and operate like your normal phone but have Ethernet connector and are plugged directly on your broadband connection.

VoIP through computers are probably the simplest way to place a call and usually computer- to-computer calls charged no fees at all. Necessary materials you need to set up VoIP service on your computers is a software or VoIP installer, a microphone, speakers and preferably a fast internet connection.

Can I call anyone using a VoIP?

This will depend on the VoIP provider you have. Some services are limited only to those subscribed to the VoIP service you are entitled to, some may allow you to call any telephone numbers—including a local, long distance or international number or a mobile number and some VoIP service also allows you to speak to more than one person at a time. Furthemore, calling someone who has a regular phone doesn’t require the other party to install a specialized gadget to be able to talk to you.

Some Advantages of having a VoIP

Perhaps the most compelling advantage of having a VoIP service is cutting down cost. I mean, where in the world can you find a service that allows you to make free calls all over the world through the use of your computer? However, there is a minimal charge if you are to make a computer-to-phone call but surely is cheaper than your customary phone service. Being able to call anywhere as long as there is an internet connection is also an advantage. It is so convenient especially for businessmen who need to place a call almost every time. There are also features incorporated in your VoIP service that aren’t present on your regular phones such as being able to send data like pictures or documents at the same time as your are talking at no extra charge.

VoIP service is without doubt the new trend for our communication industry.