Virtual Business Conferencing Service Providers

When it comes to business conferencing service providers, there is a wide variety of options out there that will allow you to hold a professional and secure conference via the internet. Without a guide or your old fashioned trial and error methods, it is not easy to ascertain which service is good or not.

Some services you many find are advertised as free, but most have terms which include advertising as part of their conditions, this may be simple ads at the bottom of a page or more likely direct email marketing. In some cases only the first few minutes are free, if you are not accustomed to web conferences, the free time provided will be spent learning how to use the system, which is confusing to the virgin user. A few companies that you can consider on you search are:

Zip Conferencing-

They provide audio and web services for business conferencing. They offer new users a free trial to see if they like their service. If you do sign up the rates are average with most services.

Fuze Meeting-

This company is similar to webex and gotomeeting. There is no trial offered but their mothly rate is affordable for all business sizes and their platform is easy t understand. Their content is provided in an HG stream.


This is one of the more innovative in the group and has the highest standard of technology and service. This group is mainly fir businesses and their pricing reflects that.

They offer free basic services to all parties. They do have a paid monthly service which is much better than what they give you free, and some basic elements are not provided even though advertised.

These are a few of the top choices available, if you wonder what is so good about web conferencing as opposed to meeting in person consider;

  • You can review projects without all the paper
  • Presentation can be done with an unlimited number of participants
  • Most services offer brain storming ability where each person can add their thoughts
  • Training sessions done online are usually more productive
  • Location is not a factor for any one in the conference
  • You can record the meetings for later review

You save a lot of time and money by hosting online with business conferencing services. Your executive can focus more on the meeting as opposed to the logistics and comfort of the attendees.