Virtual Business Conferencing Pros and Cons

Documents, phone calls, shopping and even conferencing has been moved to the internet. There are a lot of things to be gained in virtual conferencing as well as some things lost. Business has become global and this is a handy tool to help you get your work done without the trouble of intercontinental travel.


  • No office overhead, this includes rent, parking and utilities
  • There is no travel time, so everyone can make it to the meeting on time.
  • The cost of booking hotels and venues are greatly reduced for companies hosting training and other such activities
  • Travel budgets and HR budget can be reduced to a minimum by ay of online conferencing and interviews
  • The face to face socialization the usually occurs  in an office is moot
  • Some clients prefer to meet in person so you may have to rent a satellite space for such occasions
  • At times power failure or tech failure can result in the loss of connection; this may be a deal breaker in key meetings.
  • Some international workers are on a different time schedule so when you are to have a meeting, they often have to be up in the wee hours of the morning.


There are a great deal of pros and cons when it comes to virtual conferencing. Overall, you need to choose what is best for your business model. In terms of money saving benefits, there is a great advantage to hosting meetings online virtually. There are a wide range of companies that offer you the service such a gotomeeting, Skype and so on. Their price ranges vary in the terms of per meeting rates or monthly rates. When you use a conferencing service you are able to record transcripts be it in type or in the video format. These are not mandatory but the option is available.  Most connections are secured so that no one can “hack” or listen in electronically to your meetings.

If you are a start up, you can always consider using your webcam and messing service as an inexpensive way to utilize virtual business conferencing. If you use Skype, member to member communication is offered at no charge. Google talk, as well as yahoo also offer video messaging services at no charge between members.